11 Foods To Help You Stay Young: Anti-Aging

John S. Cow Dec 09, 2015 Misc
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11 Foods To Help You Stay Young: Anti-Aging - Article Picture

Step away from the drugstore aisle of anti-aging beauty products and nutritional supplements. Now, open wide, and eat your way to optimal health and youthful good looks.

#1. Moderate consumption of red wine strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps to prevent cancers


Good news for lovers of red wine - a glass of red wine at night can improve the cardiovascular system. According to research from the University of California, antioxidants contained in the skin and seeds of red grapes, can reduce the production of "bad" cholesterol, increase the production of "good" cholesterol and reduce blood clotting.

source: www.totalgymdirect.com

#2. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables may increase the body's energy supply


These leaves are full of vitamin K, iron, lutein and zeaxanthin. Iron improves the body energy balance and forms muscles while vitamin K has a positive effect on bone density, preventing osteoporosis and fractures.

source: www.bandt.com.au

#3. Healthy fats in olive oil and nuts may reduce the risk of heart attack


Not all fats are bad! Some of them even help to increase life expectancy. Harvard University researchers found that among the people who drink about a liter of olive oil per week, or eat 30 grams of of nuts daily, there fewer strokes, heart attacks and death cases in general than among those who stick to low fat diets.

source: media3.onsugar.com

#4. Cocoa tends to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes


It’s also prevent cancer. However, should be very careful in selecting of the optimal dose and type of chocolate for every person.

Not all chocolate is equally useful for the body, but with a serious approach to choosing the right type of this product it is possible to actually improve the functioning of many organs and systems. "Pure cocoa" devoid of any additives is considered the most healthy chocolate.

source: www.vkusi.me

#5. Sardines and anchovies contain fatty acids and omega-3 beneficial for the brain


People who consistently follow a healthy diet that includes omega-3, slow age-related decrease of their level of brain functioning. The optimal dose of the beneficial substance in the combination with low-mercury are found in anchovies and sardines Adriatic Sea of the Pacific Ocean. A small bonus to fans of fish: sardine bones are another good source of vitamin D.

source: www.cuisineactuelle.fr

#6. Curry may prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease


Curry has long been used in India for the treatment of various diseases, such as breast cancer, liver disease, and hemorrhoids. In addition, recent studies show that this spice can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

source: www.seriouseats.com

#7. Milk can provide the person with vitamin D


The human body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and high-quality support for the health of the skeletal system. Another important effect of the substance is to slow age-related changes and protect the body from diseases that aged people have.

source: ngmilk.rocks

#8. Eating oatmeal has a positive effect on the skin


Dish with oatmeal saturate the body with plenty of vitamins, fiber and protein, beneficial for the skin, hair and nails. However, the effect of these substances affects the basic structures of the body, for instance the vitamins support the proper functioning of the nervous system, cellular tissue balances the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, and the protein helps the body maintain the proper amount of energy.

source: cassandrebeccai.com

#9. Beans reduce inflammation in the skin and strengthens the heart


The protein and fiber in beans have a beneficial effect on the heart, and an abundance of B vitamins contributes to more rapid healing of tissues. Various types of beans differ in the proportions of nutrients and experts advise to listen your body and eat familiar and loved varieties.

source: www.myhealthyeatinghabits.com

#10. The antioxidants in berries are able to restore the skin and maintain the active pace of the brain


Anthocyanin is the antioxidant that gives a lot of berries their attractive colors, can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Strawberry is a good source of silicon and a vital trace element for healthy skin. In addition, researchers from Baltimore, USA, found that after feeding rats with blueberries and strawberries for two months, and after exposure to radiation that accelerates the aging, the brain of animals are characterized by lower levels of toxins.

source: modernfarmer.com

#11. Sweet potatoes allow the skin to stay elastic longer


Every time eating a dainty dish of sweet potatoes, you're doing your body a valuable gift. Sweet potatoes are extremely useful product. Being a rich source of carotene, responsible for the smartness and radiance of the skin, fiber and vitamins C and B6 as well as, this fine example of healthy food also copes with the role of antioxidants.

source: cdn.instructables.com



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